Water Saving Solutions

We are specialist installers of rainwater tanks & greywater systems in the Perth area

Rainwater Tanks & Greywater Systems

We specialise in the supply and installation of water-saving systems across the Perth area. Whether you need a small rain water tank for the garden, or want to save all the water you can both inside and outside your home, ask the experts!


Rainwater Tanks

  • We supply and install a wide variety of rain water tanks. We are recommended installers for many of the local manufacturers and provide a ‘one stop’ service to install what will work best for you.

  • We offer a very wide range of water tanks in both plastic ('poly') and steel in all sizes, shapes and colours. See the tank options page for a catalogue

  • Our installations include plumbing the tank into your home, paving and painting. Everything you need to get a system that works efficiently and looks great! See our galleries to get a better look

  • Building a new home provides an ideal opportunity to incorporate water saving at the lowest cost. Ask us about our professional consultancy services to help you achieve an effective solution.

Greywater Systems

  • Re-using water from your shower or laundry is a great way of keeping your garden green through the summer. The average Perth home produces enough greywater to irrigate all the trees and garden beds without needing to use expensive drinking-quality water.

  • Building a new home? We can advise what needs to be done to make it “greywater-ready” and will work with your builder to manage the installation. See the Greywater page for more details.

  • For the most effective system, plan on using water tanks to feed rainwater into your home, and a greywater system to irrigate the garden.

Creative Clearwater Solutions is a professional company that meets ‘best practice’ for installations and fully complies with government and industry guidelines and licensing

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